Saturday, June 18, 2016

Exploring the eternal ice

Penguins, craggy cliffs, the sea and especially a lot of ice - that's the Antarctic. A trip to one of the coldest places in the world is pure adventure. This experience can experience nine times Hurtigruten travelers during the coming winter.
The Norwegian shipping company Hurtigruten has come up with something extraordinary for its guests this winter. The expedition ship MS Fram is on nine trips from October to February, the Antarcticdrive.
Not only is the drive to one of the coldest places in the world is an experience far more adventurous travelers can also in a modern high-tech tent one night in the eternal ice spend. The so-called "Amundsen Night" is named after the Norwegian polar explorer Roald Amundsen, who on 14 December 1911 as the first man has reached the South Pole. Participants of the "Amundsen night" get next to the tents extra warm sleeping bags and survival suits. In addition, is also always an experienced Hurtigruten team with the participant group on land his. Overall, the adventure with Penguin observation takes about ten hours.

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